What the ever Changing Nature of Social Media Features means to

News 05:12 December 2019:

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When Facebook became a global hit, upcoming social networks spent millions of dollars researching how they could create unique brands that could be appealing to people. At the time, every social network wanted to be identified as unique and appealing to a certain type of people. Today, most social networks want to hold every feature their competitors has. Similarly, most of us social media users want to be members in as many social networks as we can; thereby increasing our social panels day by day.

Clearly, everyone and including the social networks we love want to grow. They are changing day by day. However, what’s becoming conspicuously different as we strive to enlarge our panels for twitter is that the drawing lines which once used to differentiate a social network from another are fading away. Instagram used to be a place to share all your beautiful moments someday, today you can only share a few picture with your panel for instagram or you could risk losing followers.